Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pont du Gard

Provence was amazing and beautiful.  The Pont du Gard was great and it is not surprisingly a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Although it was I retained my senses and did not walk across the top of it!  Others in my family were not so bright and when the US fighter jet buzzed them they rethought their wisdom.

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Mom said...

Jane Eleanor, Andrew and Dad walked across the top of the Pont du Gard on the roof. They reported that there were some slabs missing so they had to jump over the gaps from time to time. While they were doing this a plane flew overhead. Dad reported that it seemed as if they could reach up and touch it! Charlotte did not want to get up to the top and she froze while she and I were attempting to get onto the middle path. So I stayed with her and we walked across on the low level. What you cannot see in the picture is that on the other side there is a modern one lane road added to the structure.