Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom and Andrew!

 My grandmother, mother and brother share the same birthday.  We obviously celebrated over 2 days this year.  I am sure it was partly an excuse to have 2 delicious cakes!!  I also remember making the dinner for Mom's birthday and made a menu to commemorate the occasion.

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Mom said...

I notice that there is a glass of wine next to my cake. This reminds me that there was a wine store round the corner from our apartment building. We used to see the wine truck arrive and hook up a hose to connect with a vat in the wine store. You could bring in your own bottles and fill them up at a tap, or select bottles from the shelves. Our local area also had a small supermarket, a pharmacy,a bread and pastry shop and a hair dresser in which I got a perm every few months.