Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Setting up at the campground - notice the lack of grass.  It was at the end of a subway line and very convenient for getting into Paris.  We stayed here at least one other time in our stay.  We also frequented this Chinese restaurant several times.

This was also our second trip to Paris.  We had visited Paris a few years earlier during a visit to England when we had taken the Hovercraft and train.

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Mom said...

This campground is right in Paris and by the side of the Seine. I tell people that it was so over used that there was not a blade of grass left. I believe that there is a new campground now just outside of Paris. We got the bus into the city and it was a not very far walk to the buss cite from the campground. The food at the camp was good. One night we had chicken and I remember that we ate on a picnic type table in the wooden building but enjoyed the meal.