Monday, July 22, 2013

Amsterdam to Enkhuizen, 22 July 1988

We landed in Amsterdam on July 22nd.  We each had a bag plus a sleeping bag.  There was also a hockey bag with the tent and other assorted paraphernalia needed for camping - the best way to see Europe.  The rental car was supposed to come with a roof rack but that had not come through the request.  Remembering that this was 1988 and so communication was not great.  My mother turned to where we were standing with the mound of luggage and we ended up with a larger car at no cost.  We then drove to Enkhuizen where we had booked a bed and breakfast with a wonderful family who we didn't know but with whom we still exchange Christmas cards.

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Mom said...

I found the Holtring Family in a list of B&Bs. They were delightful. They have a son, Remco who was a little younger than Andrew. While with them some of our family had tummy trouble but Mrs. Holtring was OK about this as long as I (Mom) was well and could take care of everyone. We exchange letters at Christmas every year.