Saturday, July 20, 2013

Innerd French Adventure 1988-1989

Twenty-five years ago, the Innerd family set off to spend a year in Europe.  Dad was on sabbatical for a year having finished his term as Dean of Education.  He did manage to teach a summer course before we left.  I'll be posting throughout the year our travels and experiences.   With input from my parents, sister Jane and brother Andrew.  We left from Windsor and drove up to Toronto - my Mother having managed to find a rental company that would rent us a car for one direction.  We flew into Amsterdam with our destination being Dijon, France.  Chosen for it's central location in western Europe and to provide the children with an opportunity to improve their French.  And so the adventure begins....

PS For the Windsorites this was the TBQ's Other Place sign.


KBurke said...

I will be following your adventure. Can't wait!

Mom said...

This sign was a great surprise to all of us. I do not remember who was able to get it posted. Alas, the restaurant is not gone.