Sunday, July 28, 2013

28 July to 3 August 1988 - Setting up in Dijon

Things that we had to figure out included getting our Carte de Sejours and find an apartment.  Below is our apartment building - we were on the top floor and had a 3 bedroom apartment, more on that later.  We rented it as of August 1st.  We left everything that we didn't need and on 4 August headed off to travel for the month before school started.

Here is our car that took us all and all our gear.  We purchased it from a professor who was finishing up his sabbatical year.  This was quite an adventure as he left his wallet in it and had to come back for it and it broke down right away and needed to be repaired.  This is the photograph he had sent us (no  idea where it was taken.)


Jane Rueckert said...

And we still bought it...what were we thinking?!!!

Mom said...

Happily we had been advised to get an official driving record from the Ontario government. Since we each had a clean record and no insurance claims we were able to get car insurance at a very reasonable rate. As I remember the car cost us $1000 which was probably too much but we had no idea how to go about getting a used car so we were happy to be able to buy the one we got.