Sunday, August 4, 2013

4 August 1988 - Houffalize, Belgium

On our way back to Schiphol airport to return the rental car, the car we had just bought broke, again.  We spent the night in Houffalize as a result.  The next day we returned the car drove to Bremen, spent the night there and then headed for Scandinavia.


TrainRyder said...

I'm enjoying this walk thru your life, made more enjoyable because of sharings over the years. I AM confused. Rented car(per the photo notes) or purchased car (per your caption)? Just wonderin'

charlotte said...

We had a rented car for just over the first week. During that time we bought a car from a professor who was leaving Europe having been on sabbatical. The car was rented from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and so needed to be returned there. The green station wagon was our car for the year.

TrainRyder said...

thanks for the clarification.
I'll bet you are enjoying creating these posts.