Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School 1988

So we all went to school this year and were put into the local school system.  My brother and I went to the local school just a few minutes away.  This meant we came home for lunch.  My sister went off to Lycee and I only have a vague idea of where it was even located.  

Here are my brother and I in the traditional first day of school photo.  The door that I am in front of was the elevator.  We were on the top floor and there was no "door" inside the elevator so that you could touch the doors and walls as you went up.  Below that is some of the different documentation that we had for school. At the bottom was the menu for school meals that was published in the newspaper.  I am sure I kept it as an indication of how different meals and food were in France to Canada.


Mom said...

I saw Charlotte and Andrew off to school by watching them get on the elevator. Then I would walk the length of our apartment to Andrew's bedroom and wave to the two of them from his window as they walked up the street. Charlotte was anxious about this new school but found that she was good at sports for the first time in her school career! She and her Father did her homework together and so when we went to the parents' evening at the school (in November) we heard the Principal single out "la petite Cannadianne" (sp?) who of course was not French as doing well compared to the other students in her class. This did not make Charlotte popular. Months later her teacher told us that the staff later recognized that this had been a mistake. Andrew, on the other hand could play soccer so he got on well with the other boys. When he went into his class on the first day, the teacher spoke to him directly and Andrew responded by saying "I don't speak French." This caused the teacher to rush out of the classroom. He came back a few minutes later and resumed talking to the other students.

Mom said...

On the first day we walked to the school with Charlotte and Andrew and found the place for them to line up on a large bulletin board. I remember that Andrew's name was hand written at the bottom of a list so that I did not see it at first in the alphabetical listing. The school had a high fence around it which closed when school began and if someone wanted to enter he/she had to ring the concierge to be let in.