Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 August 1988

This morning we started by visiting  Lejre an "historical archaeological experimental center".   The current description says there are 19th century farm houses that is either new or we did not visit when I was there.  It is an Iron Age centre where they had recreated the settlements building them and using the tools they would have used at the time.   We went out in hallowed out canoes.  I made in note in my scrapbook that "The life jackets were not vintage".

In the afternoon we went into Copenhagen and saw Rosenborg Castle and the crown jewels - including three fantastic lion sculptures.  Then the Geological Museum where we saw a moon rock.  Lastly we went to the Worker's Museum.  This was really fascinating as it did an excellent job of depicting how families lived and showed how families went from living in one room, to two, to three.

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Mom said...

Inside the castle there was a life sized lion of solid silver. It was beautiful. We were fortunate with the weather for most of the summer.