Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 August 1988

Phyllis showed us around a lot of interesting sites today.  A megoliths burial mound which had little dips in it and there was a superstition about putting butter in it if someone in your family was sick.  We also saw a stone age burial mound and a 12th century church.

That evening was Phyllis' birthday and we had for dinner: caviar, crayfish, hamburgers for the children, fish for the adluts.  For Dessert Anders joined us (the farmer)  and we had multiple courses of cookies (7 or 8 is the custom) before the birthday cake.

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Mom said...

The Swedish family who owned the farm where Phyllis rented a summer cottage were delightful and shared the Birthday party. After crayfish and other dinner items we began the desserts. I remember several cakes including a coffee cake and another covered with marzipan which I love but by the time we got to that cake I was stuffed. I had studied some Swedish and could say basic things about my family and home but before I got a chance to speak, Phyllis told the Swedish family all about us so there was nothing simple left for me to say!