Thursday, August 15, 2013

15 August 1988 - Tombstone Day

Today we drove to Stockholm on the way we stopped and looked at various Churches to see if we could find any graves of our ancestors.  We didn't find any but got to see some really beautiful small churches and one archaeological dig at one of the churches. I think that all of the photos of the church are of Vreta Kloster where my great grandfather was... christened (that is what my notes say but need to confirm with my Mom.

These are two other photos from today and I have no idea where they were taken or what the stone is.


Mom said...

This is the village where my Grandfather, Anders Andersson, was born. We stopped a young man selling ice cream to get directions. His English was perfect. I think that my Father might have visited this place because I know that he saw the grave of his own Grandfather. I have the Bibles with the names and dates but the notations are in Swedish. I will have to have them translated.

Mom said...

The 'stone' is a rune stone which is very old and had an important significance 1000 to 2000 years ago. They used an ancient alphabet and may have been religious or place markers. When Christianity came to Norway the runes were consi491dered "pagan."