Sunday, August 25, 2013

25 August 1988

We drove from Oslo to Viddega, Sweden today.  We stayed with my cousin Phyllis.  

 My brother especially found this sign very funny - it means "Slow Down". 

Stopping for lunch.

Our car in front of my cousin's house.


Mom said...

In the middle picture Charlotte is wearing a beautiful sweater we bought her in Oslo because she was cold. I think that she still has it.

charlotte said...

Actually we bought the sweater because I hadn't be able to find a dress for my Grade 8 graduation. I wore Mom's engagement dress instead and was promised something in Europe. I think that the sweater was better, still wear it.

Anonymous said...

When we arrived in Sweden we drove to the small town where Phyllis was located for the summer - on a dig. I had her telephone number and found a phone in a small hardware store. When she picked up the phone she said "Jane, where are you?" and I said "Down the street at the hardware store!" She was surprised but welcomed us all. She was a gracious hostess throughout our visit.

Mom said...

I remember that although it was August it was cold in Sweden